Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Arizona ELT Update

The Arizona Electronic Liens and Titles (ELT) program has been mandatory since May 21, 2010. We have a significant number of Arizona customers, including lenders based in Arizona and out-of-state lenders just needing to work with the Arizona ELT program. I've posted some updated Questions about how electronic titles work in AZ to http://www.azelt.com. A sampling:

Can I just register for the program and then ask for paper titles?
Arizona only allows the printing of paper titles with liens for specific cases. There is also a $10.00 penalty assessed for each Paper Title with lien requested. Acceptable reasons for requesting a paper title are:
  • Change of lien information
  • Adding or changing a lienholder or owner
  • Change to owner or lienholder legal status
  • Adding an Arizona brand
  • Correcting the Vehicle Identification Number
  • Correcting the vehicle year
  • Correcting odometer
  • Correcting the make
  • Changing body style
  • Customer is moving out-of-state
Repossession does not require a paper title.

Is there an expedited title print process? How does it work?
On release, Arizona allows the lender to specify that a title should be released immediately and made available for the vehicle owner to pick up a printed title. The owner can then pick up a title from any MVD office. The expedited release takes at most two hours to update through MVD's systems. The owner should present identification and is responsible for the over-the-counter fee.

How does the repossession process work? Is a paper title required?
Complete a Repossession Affadavit and submit it to the MVD. For immediate sales, the affidavit can include purchaser information and a new title will be issued in the purchaser's name. Otherwise a clear title will be issued in the name of the lienholder.