Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dancing at the DMV

Everyone has had a bad time at a local DMV office. Anything from high fees, long lines, and "but they said all I needed was" experiences. Some DMVs have worked hard to improve customer service (like mine in South Carolina where there is rarely a long wait). You can find recent news stories where budget troubles in various states (shutting offices, reducing hours, cutting back on personnel) is making it hard for the DMV offices to be responsive.

It was nice to read a story by Julia Genovese entitled "Dancing at the DMV: How to Transform Drudgery into Joy".

As a man and a woman bop in ahead of me, we smile at each other and mosey up to the same line. Soon enough, we are joking and laughing about all the paperwork we had to gather to prove our identity. The boogie has begun.

Thanks, Julia!

Image above is Dancing Angel by Laura Higgins Palmer.