Wednesday, February 1, 2012

States Planning to Compel Participation in ELT

A series of questions in which our writer attempts to answer simple-sounding questions without saying things like "Well, yes, they do have ELT but..." Let the reader understand that these are simplified answers. ;)

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Which states have said they intend to compel participation?

Florida has indicated to us in person as well as through legislation that their long-term plan has been to require participation. See a further explanation on States Compelling Participation in ELT post.

Although the MA RMV has indicated to us that they do not have plans to make their ELT program mandatory, the Massachusetts legislature has (at least twice) introduced legislation requiring participation.

South Carolina has had legislation introduced twice to allow the DMV to require participation. The South Carolina DMV has indicated that it intends to make the program mandatory only after developing a plan with industry stakeholders.

In our discussions with South Dakota about their new (2012) ELT program, they mentioned that their plans are to make the SD ELT program mandatory from the beginning using a no-printed-titles-with-liens policy.

Texas passed legislation in 2011 that allows the DMV to make the program mandatory. They have indicated to us in person that they intend to gather feedback from industry partners before implementing any requirements.

If you are a lender and would like a greater explanation of these differences, please contact DDI. If you are a state or would like more technical details, you may also visit our site.

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