Thursday, May 26, 2011

Georgia ELT Updates

I recently updated the Georgia ELT page and included some new FAQs. Here's two:

Is there an expedited title print process? How does it work?
For non-ELT titles, a vehicle owner (or security interest holder if there is a security interest) can get an over the counter title from the MVD Hapeville office. For ELT titles, the lien must be released prior to requesting a duplicate paper title.

Where is the Hapeville office?
DOR/ Motor Vehicle Division
1200 Tradeport Blvd.
Hapeville, GA 30354

Does the state allow a free reprint if a title is never received when printed and mailed?
Yes. From the Georgia Vehicle Titles Manual:

No fee for titles lost in the mail if a replacement is applied for within sixty (60) days of the issue date of the lost title. A new application and a completed and signed Report of a Lost Title in the Mail (Form T-216) must be submitted. This option is only available when the title was mailed by MV to the vehicle owner and the owner has not received the title.