Monday, May 9, 2011

Lien Release in California

What will the DMV accept in order to release a lien?
Liens in California can be released:

  • Electronically. ELT participants manage all titles electronically and can release a lien directly with the state (no form). The DMV will mail the title to the registered owner's current address (as long as there are no other liens).
  • On the title. Legal owners (lienholders) who store paper titles (not an option after January 1, 2012) can sign the title to release the lien.
  • With a Lien Satisfied (REG 166) form. The form must be notarized.
  • With an Application for Duplicate Title (REG 227) form. The legal owner section must be notarized.
  • With a notarized letter. It must be on the lender's letterhead, describe the vehicle (year, make, model, VIN), indicate the lender "no longer have record of your lien", and state they have no legal interest in the vehicle as collateral.

Image above is of a Rehabilitated Juvenile Broadwing Hawk released on Pack Monadnock by Tim Bouwer.