Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Arizona: Mandatory ELT by May 31

This coming June Arizona will join Pennsylvania and Louisiana as states that require participation in the Electronic Liens and Titles program. Arizona sent a letter that we received a copy of yesterday:

All lenders conducting business will be required to transmit lien information through an appproved Service Provider. [Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division] advises all lenders to contract with an approved Service Provider prior to May 31st.

And we are listed as a "near future" service provider. (We've been working with AZ DOT for over a year now, but due to internal changes related to going mandatory they have delayed our participation.) This was a nice gesture on their part. We expect to be live in Arizona very soon.

As with Louisiana (see yesterday's post) Arizona has had an ELT program for a number of years. The state legislature passed the change ("REQUIRE") in July 2009. As well as making life easier for lenders, full participation will be a help for lenders and Arizona residents in the reduction of fraud.

Here is the full letter from the Arizona MVD.

UPDATE: Arizona reissued the letter with corrected vendor contact information. Ours has been correct all along. ;)