Friday, January 29, 2010

Recommendations when Applying for a Lien in South Carolina

Based on feedback from customers plus our own experience and interaction with the SC DMV, we've put together some suggestions for lenders when applying for a lien on a title in South Carolina.

1. Instead of having the customer directly sign the Form 400 (SC's title application), obtain a limited Power of Attorney. This will help in case resubmissions (lost mail?) are required.

2. Carry your paperwork to a DMV office. You will get either immediate (if you wait on the paperwork) or generally next-day response to your application. Problems with the application are reported to you immediately. There is no faster way to get a lien recorded.

For absolute best results, take your title application(s) to one of the five dealer central SC DMV locations. These are the ideal places to turn in paperwork and generally provide better service for ELT transactions. Transactions can be provided in a batch with a cover sheet listing the individual vehicle numbers (VINs). From the list of office locations ( choose Dealer Central from the Services dropdown.

Several of our customers use a courier service to deliver title applications to a DMV office.

3. Mail your paperwork to Blythewood using a tracking number. Any kind of minimal delivery confirmation will allow you to be certain your application was received by the DMV. Consider recording the tracking number as part of the lien history in Premier eTitleLien™.

4. If you don't (or can't) take a title application to a DMV office and don't (or can't) use some delivery confirmation, keep track of the mailing date and delivery method (including who posted it). Consider recording these details as part of the lien history in Premier eTitleLien™.

At our last quarterly meeting with the DMV, they told us they would begin providing receipts for items that had been received at the Blythewood office. This would bring the feedback provided there in line with the feedback you get at a field office. DDI will continue to work with them to improve document tracking.

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