Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Why lenders should care about ELT

Four words: No more paper titles! This means you no longer have to
open the title,
match to existing loan
(returning it to the DMV if it does not match),
compare for accuracy,
update suspense codes,
handwrite the release,
or mail to the customer.

That's just for starters. Personally I love checking incoming documents for accuracy (did they get the right owner recorded for the vehicle?). I do it for fun on my lunch break. My work includes validating mail as part of my benefits package. But I know not everyone enjoys it like I do. (You did catch the sarcasm, right?)

For more information on our ELT solution, Premier eTitleLien™, check out our website at eTitleLien.com.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention fewer paper cuts. :)