Thursday, October 22, 2009

How to save $75 in Florida

We had a question from one of our lenders yesterday: In Florida, if an owner's title is electronic (an e-title) do they need to get a paper title in order for us to apply for a lien?

Short answer: no. Save yourself $75 (see correction below) $10 and just complete a Form 82139.

Premier eTitleLien™ - our ELT solution for lenders - generates the FL form 82139 and other state title application forms.

For more details on electronic titles in Florida, see their FAQ, question 4.

CORRECTION: The savings for this scenario is $10.00. According to Florida, a duplicate title (as when a printed title is lost) costs $75. Requesting a printed copy of an electronic title is $2.50 (or $10 for expedited service available at some Tax Collector offices).