Saturday, April 16, 2011

We're in the GBA e-Bulletin again

The Georgia Banker's Association is again highlighting our ELT services as one of their strategic partners in the April 2011 e-Bulletin. They note:

ELT benefits banks in the following five ways:
  1. Save Time and Money – You can expect a 50% savings in your loan operations processing – no more opening, scanning, or filing paper titles. When it’s time to release a lien, just click on the release button on the electronic title and the Georgia DOR mails a clear title to the owner of the vehicle or to the recipient you specify. You save on mailing costs and file storage costs.
  2. Reduce Fraud – Premier eTitleLien™ has a built-in "Lien Alert" system and other safeguards so lenders and consumers benefit from the reduction in fraud inherent in any paper-based process.
  3. New! Verify Liens with Georgia DOR – With the latest release of Premier eTitleLien™, you get real-time access to the Georgia DOR’s titling system to check on the status of any VIN – whether titled by paper or electronically – to verify your lien status.
  4. Enhance Security – With electronic titling, your titles are maintained electronically, so titles can’t be lost, misfiled, stolen, or destroyed in the event of a disaster.
  5. Go Green – Electronic titling is ecologically friendly. Titles are held electronically, instead of in filing cabinets, eliminating the use of paper and associated waste.

Click here for the full e-Bulletin.