Thursday, April 14, 2011

ELT in Iowa in 2011

We pay close attention to states considering or working on an ELT program. Earlier this year Iowa released an excellent study for the Iowa Legislature of "how to implement a uniform statewide system to allow for electronic transactions for the registration and titling of motor vehicles." The study considers costs and benefits to Iowa DOT, Counties, Dealers, and Consumers. It also incorporates some feedback from other states including especially Kansas, Wisconsin, and Florida.

We published excerpts from the study on our site is our go-to spot providing information to states about ELT programs. It incorporates best-practices, legislation, and other data (like which states are "title holding" states - the owner retains the title even when there is a lien on the vehicle).

We are looking forward to working with Iowa as they implement their ELT program. Estimates are that the program should go into affect this year (2011) perhaps as early as July.