Monday, August 5, 2013

ELT Program Recommendations

Decision Dynamics, Inc. is very interested in seeing each US State implement an Electronic Lien and Title program.  We monitor active ELT programs, states working on developing ELT (such as Iowa, Indiana, and Maryland), and changes to state laws to allow ELT (as in Colorado), implement a new program (as we mentioned about Nevada and North Carolina), or make changes to their existing ELT program (such as Texas).

We have experience in joining ELT programs, working with states as they bring on a new ELT program, and trying to meet our customers' needs in ELT states and non-ELT states through the DDI Title Center.  Whenever we can, we present details from our experiences to the states (as we did with South Dakota). is designed to gather that kind of state-relevant information about Electronic Liens and Titles.  We recently updated our Best Practices for ELT Programs document which contains a number of brief suggestions and feedback (pros and cons) about existing state programs.

Image above is State Greetings (a collection of post cards from the 50 US States) by Hoch Sollst Du Leben.