Thursday, July 11, 2013

Iowa ELT program progress

Iowa began testing their new ELT (Electronic Lien and Title) system in June 2013 with a single pilot lender. The pilot phase has not yet concluded but is progressing well, according to the Iowa Department of Transportation. DDI is ready whenever the pilot phase is opened to additional participants.

Some details about the program:

Who is affected by the ELT process?
"The ELT process implements a new avenue of communication between the Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT), participating lenders, Iowa’s 99 county treasurers and vehicle owners. Vehicle owners should expect the same high standard of service from this process."

Why is ELT being implemented?
"Iowa Senate File 2273, 83rd General Assembly, approved on April 7, 2010 established a study committee regarding the implementation of electronic registration and titling of vehicles. This committee published the results of their findings on December 1, 2010, and recommended a phased approach to implementation of electronic transactions for titling and registration. Phase one consists of facilitating electronic communication between the DOT and lenders for lien notations and releases. The Iowa ELT program is anticipated to result in faster notification of lien notations and releases, reduce fraud, reduce costs for mailing of paper titles, improve data accuracy, and reduce administrative burdens for all."

Who is required to participate?
Participation in the program is optional, though encouraged.

When will the program be opened to lenders?
DDI will include Iowa ELTs in Premier eTitleLien™ as soon as we are allowed to do so. At this point, the state is estimating that the earliest possible date would be October 2013. DDI is expecting general enrollment to begin in January 2014.

Are there any costs from IA DOT for enrolling or participating in ELT?
Iowa charges no fee associated with signing up for ELT, and no additional fees for receiving an ELT instead of paper title or releasing a lien interest through the ELT system. Standard title application fees charged by the county treasurer's office will still apply.

How do I request a motor vehicle record?
Currently requests for vehicle title record information can be made in writing only. Requirements and Fees are on the IA DOT website.

For more information, visit our Iowa ELT site. As soon as it is available, we'll post enrollment information for lenders on

Quotes above are taken from the Iowa ELT Implementation Guide, which is still preliminary as of this writing.