Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lenders: Convert Your Paper Titles!

As part of their ELT program, several states offer an opportunity to convert your existing paper titles to electronic titles. Some states, such as Virginia, expect this to be a one time process and would like to receive a CD from you. Other states, notably Georgia, make the conversion process extremely simple for lenders. Our product, Premier eTitleLien™, makes converting as easy as possible.

But why would you want to?

1. Keep all your titles in one place. No more drawers.
2. No more misfiled titles.
3. Help reduce fees on printed titles. (Your mileage here will vary.)
4. Let the state mail the title once you release it.
5. Take advantage of specifying an alternate mailing address when releasing the title.
6. On release, Leave the title as an eTitle for the vehicle owner.
7. Take advantage of states that allow an expedited title to be picked up by the owner once you release it.

So convert your titles, and do something else with the paper.