Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Meeting with Nevada DMV

DDI recently had the privilege of meeting with the Nevada DMV to provide feedback about our experiences with the ELT programs of other states.  Nevada is required to implement an ELT system and was meeting with us to talk about our ELT system, implementation timelines, communication protocols, and other electronic lien and title system details.

We discussed with them some of the pros and cons of different message formats, and message exchange.  We noted some of the best features of some state ELT programs (much of which is listed on our AllAboutTitles.com site) and highlighted four considerations sometimes overlooked when designing a new ELT program:
  • Allow electronic notation of lien
  • Require ELTs to be released electronically
  • Allow electronic payment of fees
  • Provide a simple enrollment form and process
Nevada's program will require lenders to participate in the ELT program in order to file a lien. DDI is looking forward to providing ELT service to Nevada lenders and lenders whose customers are Nevada residents.

Image above is playa car ("There is a rusted hulk of a car out on a playa near Winnemucca, NV that I visit every time I am in the area") by Brian Perttu.