Wednesday, October 9, 2013

CU Times: Title Fraud Makes Case for ELT

Back in April 2013, the Credit Union Times published an article entitled "Digital Title Fraud Fight Makes Case for ELT" by . The article begins by discussing a vehicle title fraud incident: "If ever there was a case for moving from paper vehicle titles to an electronic system, advocates might point to a recent occurrence in Michigan."

Trying to reduce fraud has been a key part of our Electronic Lien and Title (ELT) solution, Premier eTitleLien™ from the initial design in 2005.  We've seen evidence of that with our customers, as the article quotes DDI's president, Glenn Thames.
Thames recalled how one credit union in South Carolina was able to uncover fraudulent title activity at a dealership. While the dealer was charged and ended up going to jail, the credit union lost $50,000 and another was bilked out of $200,000.

In the roughly 20 states that allow it, Decision Dynamics provides VIN inquiry access to its customers, Thames said. The company also does lien alerts so that pending lien holder notifications in a credit union’s system are flagged. Financial institutions can tell if scammers are trying to make the rounds to obtain loans.
For more information about Lien Alerts, Title Inquiries, and other fraud prevention measures in Premier eTitleLien™, please contact DDI.

Image above is a 1918 photo of Bobby the French Bulldog riding in an automobile.