Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ohio Non-Printed Titles

We recently made a few changed to our Ohio ELT information site: including the addition of a FAQ page. One interesting point about electronic or non-printed titles:

I understand that titles are not automatically printed by the BMV after I release my lien. How does my customer get a printed title?

Ohio uses the term "non-printed" to designate electronic titles. An owner should request a printed title in person from a county office. There is a fee as this request generates a replacement title.

Note that a "non-printed" title can be requested by anyone in Ohio: owner or lienholder. A paper title is not required for every transaction. For instance, Ohio answers the question "My title is an electronic title. How may I sell my vehicle to a dealer?" by explaining

The dealer can complete a BMV 3772 form to allow the transfer to or from a motor vehicle dealer. It has a provision for stating mileage and power of attorney.

Image above is an "Advertisement for the Army Press from the Cincinnati Type Foundry Company, Cincinnati, Ohio, about 1862" from the National Museum of American History at the Smithosonian.