Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Meeting with California Credit Unions

Earlier this month DDI travelled to California to visit with the Credit Union Bay Area Executive Coalition (CUBAEC). Over 20 California credit unions attended the event to learn about the mandatory California ELT program that requires participation from credit unions and other lenders by January 1, 2013. (Note, though, that the last sign up date is September 11, 2012.)

Jessica Shand shared briefly about the features of the California ELT program, how they are implemented in our ELT solution, Premier eTitleLien™, and the extra features we incorporate that would be of value to CA credit unions.

Jessica also shared about the national trends with ELT, as more states are implementing ELT programs (South Dakota, Maryland, Indiana, and Iowa all have plans to implement ELT in 2012) and requiring participation either directly (in addition to California, Florida and Georgia will both be requiring participation on January 1, 2013) or indirectly (South Dakota will stop printing titles with liens when their program goes live later this year).

Jessica concluded by discussing how customer service is very important to us and the various ways we try to make things simple and effective for our customers from the contract to training to ongoing assistance with any kind of lien or title issue.

We look forward to working with more California credit unions and other lenders.

Image above is from Golden Gate Bridge marks 75 years since opening against steep odds.