Monday, August 2, 2010

Nebraska: ELT Progress Update

Nebraska DMV published updates to the ELT program scheduled for full implementation by January 1, 2011. The updates include some minor changes to the Nebraska Electronic Lender Guide and the ELT Lender Application as well as some updates to the provider questions that are mostly technical in nature.

The DMV also provided us an updated timetable. They are scheduled to begin testing with a single pilot lender on October 4th and expect that testing period to run for four weeks, at which point any other providers and lenders may begin exchanging electronic title information with the DMV.

DDI is currently accepting applications to participate in the Nebraska ELT program. Our goal is to have any lenders concerned about the changes to titles with liens to be ready by the January 1 implementation when Nebraska DMV begins issuing all titles with liens electronically. As of 1/1/2011, the NE DMV will no longer print titles with liens. There is no cost to join the state ELT program and a large number of benefits for lenders.

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