Friday, August 13, 2010

Are you ready for ELT in Nebraska?

In our press release yesterday, DDI's president Glenn Thames is quoted saying

Nebraska lenders have chosen DDI’s Premier eTitleLien™ because it provides the most cost-effective solution for streamlining their titling processes.
We are pleased that a number of Nebraska lenders have already signed up to participate in Nebraska's ELT program. Some of our Nebraska customers are already receiving electronic titles through their participation in other states like Arizona.

The Nebraska program begins this fall and becomes almost-mandatory in January when the NE DMV stops printing title certificates with liens. Almost-mandatory?

With Nebraska’s ELT program beginning January 1, 2011, vehicle paper titles with liens will no longer be printed and the ELT program provides the sole method for lienholders to obtain electronic titles.

Reference: Nebraska: Is New Electronic Liens and Titles Mandatory?

Photo is of the Eagle Fruit Store and Capital Hotel, Lincoln, Nebraska, c 1942.