Friday, April 10, 2015

Virginia Requiring ELT Participation by October 2015

According the Virginia Electronic Lien Mandate published by the Virginia DMV, "all banking and financial institutions that record 50 or more auto liens per year will be required to electronically transmit lien information to the VA DMV through an approved service provider." As a result of the mandate, ELT participation will be required beginning October 1, 2015 for those institutions.

DDI's Premier eTitleLien® system is the perfect solution to allow lenders to receive and release vehicle titles electronically with an easy-to-use, secure, web-based application, including many features that are unique to DDI and part of our commitment to provide a Premier customer experience.

Through ELT, VA lienholders will have the benefit of saying time, cutting costs, reducing paper, enhancing security and deterring fraud. DDI's ELT service greatly enhances daily vehicle title processing. There are no costs to enroll in the Virginia ELT program.

DDI participates in the ELT programs offered nationwide, including: AZ, CA, FL, GA, HI, IA, ID, LA, MA, MD, NC, NE, NY, OH, PA, SC, SD, TX, VA, WA, and WI.

For more information on Premier eTitleLien® or participating in the Virginia ELT program, please visit or click here to enroll in VA ELT!

Image above is from Virginia Car Properties, a company specializing in "real estate or businesses with a strong automotive use component."