Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New Florida ELT Law Can Save You Money

If you are a lienholder in Florida, your liens will now be recorded through a progressive new program required by your state:  ELT. If your institution does not currently enjoy the benefits of this exciting new program, Decision Dynamics, Inc. has the right tools for you.
Founded in 1998, Decision Dynamics, Inc. (DDI) is a leading national software company offering a secure and reliable electronic title and lien software service. Using the latest technology, DDI offers personalized customer service and always has with the lender’s best interest in mind.
Although the Florida legislature now requires lienholder participation in an ELT program, signing up for ELT with DDI can save time and money.
“The ELT process can also help lienholders by reducing fraud with other outstanding liens and streamline workload,” Glenn Thames, president and CEO of DDI, says. “But, finding the right vendor is key. You want to find a vendor, like DDI, that charges only the transactions you process with the DMV.”
To learn more about DDI and ELT, visit DDI is happy to answer any questions as you discover the benefits of ELT.
Image from National Register Agents Inc.