Friday, December 28, 2012

DDI and ELT in 2012: Year in Review


2012 was full of positive growth and change for ELT states and Decision Dynamics, Inc.

With DDI’s support, California, Florida, and Georgia, spent the year preparing for mandatory ELT. (In 2013, these states will require lienholders, with the exception of smaller Georgia lienholders, to participate in an ELT program.)

Wisconsin began expanding its ELT programs in July, and in October, South Dakota implemented its own ELT system. As an approved ELT provider for South Dakota, DDI worked closely with the state’s Department of Revenue as they developed their system.

In September, DDI’s 2,000th customer signed up for ELT services, and the following month the Georgia Banker’s Association renewed its partnership with the company.

What will 2013 bring for ELT? Check back before the New Year to learn more.