Monday, June 4, 2012

South Carolina: SC Bankers Association and ELT

DDI representatives (not me, unfortunately) will be attending the 2012 South Carolina Bankers Association (SCBA) Annual Convention and Trade Show in Sea Island, GA on June 10-13. As SCBA associate members and preferred vendors, we will be promoting the SC Electronic Lien and Title program as well as answering any questions about the future of ELT in SC and across the country.

Legislation has been proposed now in three different sessions (2010-2012) that would require lenders to participate in the ELT program. Although yet to be approved by the legislature, we understand that the DMV is interested in the cost-saving measures that a mandatory program would allow.

DDI has worked closely with the SCBA since 2006 when we worked with SC lenders to develop our ELT system, Premier eTitleLien™. Because of that partnership, we were privileged to work with the SC DMV to develop their ELT program. Those initial partnerships with lenders like the South Carolina banks are still some of the most valuable sources of input, even as we have expanded our product to a solution for all ELT states and non-ELT states and territories.

Image above is from The Georgia Sea Island Singers.