Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Filing for a Lien in Georgia from Out of State

We recently had a question from one of our customers wishing to file a lien in Georgia.

We had our rep try and walk the MV1 form and title through the local DMV but they required a copy of the customer’s driver’s license, a note from us on company letterhead & notarized, the power of attorney in his name, and another form - it was a mess. So we decided to just mail it in. The local DMV said that we need to mail a copy of the customer’s driver’s license along with the MV1 Form, Title and $18 fee. I was surprised that we need to mail a copy of the customer’s driver’s license - we hadn’t heard of that until today. Just checking.

Our answer:

  1. A copy of the owner’s DL is not required when you mail in an MV-1 unless the owner is not a GA resident and does not have a valid GA issued ID or DL.
  2. They will accept out-of-state checks when you mail in your MV-1.
  3. When the owner has to get a duplicate, the only required field on the MV-1 is the VIN. They must present a valid ID when requesting the duplicate.

As part of being the *definitive* ELT provider [definitive: authoritative and complete :-) ], we build good relationships with each state DMV to be able to get clarifications to questions like these. (More information about the ELT program in Georgia)

Image from Georgia Animal Rescue and Defense, where they also take applications from "Out of State"